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Sabtu, 13 Oktober 2012

Social Function of report Text

                Social Function:

·         Is used for document, organize and store functual information on a topic.
·         Is used to classify and describe the phenomena of the world.
·         To talk about a whole class af things, eg bikes, plants, animals, phone, etc.
Examples: news report, science reports, weather reports.
Generic Structure
·         General classification: tells what the phenomena under discussion is.
·         Description: describes the phenomena in terms of part, qualities, habits or behaviors.
Languange Features :
·         Generalized participants: a whole class of things (volcanoes, neswpaper, the royal family)
·         Action verbs/ material process.
·         Simple present tense.
·         Languange for defining, classifiying, comparing, contrasting (are called, belong to, can be classified as, are similiar to, are more power than).
·         May contain tehnical vocabulary.
·         In writtern in a formal and objective style.

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