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Rabu, 05 September 2012


Good morning, my friends. Today I’m going to tell you about cat. Cat is encouraging animal and funny. I choose to tell cat because cat is one of the most popular pet in the world.
Much loved cats and pets made by the majority of people in the world.
There are some reasons people choose cats as pets:
1.       Due to their hobby cats than other animals.
2.       Cats also an inteligent animal.
3.       Cats care easier.
4.       Cute and adorable cats
5.       Cats have a strange behavior, so as to make people keep feeling suprised and amazed by the weird of cat.
Some cats behaviour that can be identified:
1.       Cat wagging its tail left and right means the cat is upset or uncomfortable.
2.       Cat licking itself means that the cat is in the shower.
3.       Cat’s ears move forward means the cat is excited and happy.
A pet cat is one of the world’s greatest predators. These cats can kill or take a few thousand species. But becouse of its small size, the cat is not so dangerous to humans. The only danger thet can arise in the posibbility of rabies infection causes by cat bites and scrathes from cats nail are very sore and painful.
Rasulullah saw. Love cats. Rasulullah saw. Emphasized in several hadits that the cat in not unclean. The reason are:
1.       In the skin there are cat’s muscle function to resist bacteria egg. Muscles can also custumize the cat with a touch of human’s muscle .
2.       Cat’s tongue is the most advanced cleaning tool, the rouggh surface can throw the feathers off and clean the feathers left in its body.
3.       Oke guys, thanks for your attention. I hopefully useful.

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